7 08, 2010

aoyue 2901 soldering station

By | 2016-12-07T16:57:36+00:00 August 7th, 2010|electronics|0 Comments

I needed some new tools for some small soldering work I will be doing, so I ordered some new toys this week. I’ve found it’s important to have and use the correct tools tools, rather than what might be closest at hand, or cheapest. […]

31 05, 2010

Fixed HP Pavilion dv6700 dv6926nr powers off

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Someone gave me an HP Pavilion dv6700 series laptop because they didn’t want to pay to have it repaired. It was a fairly nice laptop, Dual Core 2Ghz, 3GB RAM, 250GB hard disk, webcam and all. The problem they were having was that it would power on for about 3-5 seconds, then turn off on [...]

25 05, 2010

Steam won’t let me buy games

By | 2016-11-03T15:52:08+00:00 May 25th, 2010|games, not fun|7 Comments

Valve’s Steam service has been great for the six months or so I’ve had it. I’ve been able to buy games and play them without needing to wait for a delivery. That changed last evening when I attempted to buy a game. that was on sale. (UPDATED 5/26/10) […]

31 03, 2010

hp P3005 series formatter board problems

By | 2010-04-01T08:54:09+00:00 March 31st, 2010|printers|5 Comments

I’ve been a fan of HP printers since the mid 90’s when I was given a LaserJet IIIp. It was a workhorse and in the 12 or so years that I owned it, the only maintenance I performed was the replacement of a fuser bulb. The Laserjet 4 series was just as reliable and many [...]