27 09, 2016

Find the Right Collage Picture Frame

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Sometimes a simple picture frame or a couple similar picture frames just won’t cut it. They may take up too much room, or seem to clutter the wall. Here’s where a collage picture frame is needed. When you have a group of similarly-themed pictures, such as wedding party, birthday party or family reunion, assembling a [...]

18 08, 2016

Security Camera Systems

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This system has 12 cameras (select the 12 camera option on the Amazon page)that are varifocal, meaning you can manually adjust the "zoom" on them. They are 5 megapixel cameras. This system includes a PoE (power over ethernet) switch that all of your cameras will connect to, but it can be up to 330ft from [...]

13 08, 2016

Choose the Best LED Amber Light Bar

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The amber light bar is a common warning device used by first responders, storm trackers and roadside assistance crews. In most parts of the country, alert bars with amber colored lights can be used by anyone, as they aren’t typically restricted like red/blue light bars. More recently, LED amber light bars are used more often [...]