Blind Spot Mirrors2015-07-31T11:10:12+00:00

Blind spot mirrors have added an additional layer of safety to my daily commute. Until I installed one on my driver-side mirror, I had no idea how much time they save. Not only has it saved time, it’s saved my car, and possibly my life on more than one occasion.

The standard car side mirror is flat and is able only to show you a specific angle of view depending on where your head is in relation to it. If you are seated further forward near your steering wheel, the angle prevents you from seeing much of the roadway to the left of your car. This is where a blind spot mirror for your car makes better sense.picture of blind spot mirror

Installing the mirror is a breeze. It’s important to remember these tips though, when installing your blind spot mirror:

  1. Clean the surface carefully. If your existing mirror is dirty, the small concave mirror won’t attach well and may end up falling off
  2. Before installing your blind spot mirror in your car, sit in your drivers seat, and adjust the mirror to the angle you usually use it at. Make sure your seat is at a comfortable distance from the steering wheel and the mirror is positioned to let you see the most roadway possible.
  3. Install the new mirror on the lower outside edge of your car’s mirror.
  4. When you peel the back off the adhesive, press the new mirror onto the car mirror and hold it for thirty seconds to give the adhesive time to cure.
  5. Check it periodically to make sure it’s secured

Your car’s blind spot mirror is ready to use! Remember, mirrors are for viewing roadway, not the side of your vehicle. You want them angled to allow you to see as much road as possible.