Fidget Spinner Wobbles Off Balance

As a follow-up to my article on how to fix a fidget spinner, here’s what’s likely going on if your fidget spinner is wobbling off balance.

I bought some of the cheaper fidget spinners to check quality on them. One particular fidget spinner was off balance while spinning. It would wiggle my finger back and forth, it was so far off. I started troubleshooting it, checking the spinner buttons and the center bearing. Both appeared fine.

After testing it several more times, I held the spinner vertically by the center bearing. One side swung to the bottom. I repeated a couple of times and verified the fidget spinner was off balance and one side was heavier than the other. (This particular spinner was a bat spinner, so there were only two weights)

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I popped the rubber seals off the weight bearings and immediately discovered the problem. One of the weight bearings was missing a ball from the groove. One weight had seven balls, the other had six. See the picture to the right.

If you have a (particularly) inexpensive spinner and it’s off balance, check the weight bearings. Usually the spinner makers will use cheaper or slightly off-spec bearings for weights and this one was unfortunately missed.

The easiest way to resolve this is to order a really cheap set of matching bearings and replace the¬†weights. If you replace just one, there’s a chance that each bearing is just slightly different and it will still wobble.

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