Yellow Jacket Fidget Spinner Bearings

Yellow Jacket has been a well known brand of skate bearings for several years. They are the perfect mix of cost and performance, and have a ton of great reviews of their products.

Since fidget spinners have become so popular, they’re releasing a new bearing aimed directly at the hand spinner market, in mid-May of 2017.

Quoting directly from their response to a customer question over on Amazon, “We plan to release a set of yellow jacket fidget spinner bearings in about 45 days“. That would put a release date around the first or second week of May.

UPDATE: Yellow Jacket Fidget Spinner bearings are now available here.yellow jacket fidget spinner bearings

Yellow Jacket bearings are already very well received as replacement bearings when you have to fix your fidget spinner and reports are that they yield high speeds and long spin times out of he box.

Have you used Yellow Jacket bearings in your fidget spinner? Let me know how they work!

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