I am a local website designer in Virginia, and sometimes I need to resize multiple images at once to fit a specific need. The most common use I have is for a client’s slideshow or image gallery.  I use to painstakingly load the images into Paint.Net or another image editor and resize each individually. What’s even more troublesome is when you have several differently sized slideshows and you have to manually resize a group of images for both.

I’ve seen several programs used to process images in batch, but for resizing images, I’ve been using a program called VarieDrop for the past couple of years. Here’s why I like the program and a short explanation why you might find it useful too, if you ever need to resize a group of images at one time.

VarieDrop Has a Great Interface

VarieDrop’s interface is very intuitive. Varie Drop Image ProcessorThere are five panes in the main window. Each pane is a “drop area” for picture files. In each pane, you can see what will be done to the file, if you drop it there. Panes 1-4 allow individual processing options. Pane 5 allows you to process multiple selected panes on all files dropped there. When you need multiple resolutions of the same group of files, this makes for very quick work.

In the screenshot to the right, you’ll see Drop Area 1 in the top left corner.

This drop area will do the following with image files dropped there:

  • Output as a JPG
  • Limit FileSize to 100KB
  • Shrink the Image to 800×600 pixels using a Bicubic filter
  • Append “_800x600” to the end of the filename
  • Create a folder called Output in the location of the original images, and place the newly resized images in that folder

This is an incredible amount of work being accomplished by dragging and dropping a file – or group of files.

Clicking each panel allows you to customize the settings when it resizes multiple images at once. At the right, the configuration panel for Drop Area 1 is visible. Here each option can be changed as needed.

VarieDrop Is Powerful

You can:

  • Choose the Output Format (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP)
  • Choose whether or not you want to keep transparencies in GIF/PNG formats
  • Adjust the Quality of the compression used when compressing to JPG format
  • Adjust the Sample Rate, and Limit the Filesize of the output image
  • Shrink the image to a specific size, shrink the image in the correct ratio where the width, height,long or short side is a maximum length
  • Sharpen the Edge
  • Append a text string to the end of the file
  • Select the Output Folder
  • Create a folder for the new files
  • You can also disable the area completely

While this level of flexibility may exist with other programs, I haven’t found another one for free that’s as easy to use.

You can find VarieDrop here. Let me know in the comments what you use to resize multiple images at once.