Upgrade Your Home for Less than $100

Want to make a small upgrade to your home that will seem like a million bucks? Well, that will make life easier or more convenient? Here are six simple home upgrades that cost less than $100 each and they’ll improve your home instantly!

1. A Curved Shower Rod ~$40curved shower rod

Instantly add more room to your bathtub with a curved shower rod. A ten to fifteen minute install will give you a roomier shower and still keep the water where it belongs, in the bathtub. Seriously, there’s a reason they put these in hotel bathrooms. It will make your bathroom seem larger. Just be sure to buy the correct height and length for your tub and remember to leave the curtain hanging on the inside.

2. Motion Detector Cabinet Lighting $10-$25

Rather than lighting the whole kitchen when reaching for that midnight snack, simply open the cabinet door and activate a motion activated cabinet light with a wave of your hand.motion activated cabinet LED light Battery powered models work best where outlets aren’t within a foot of where you need the light, but since the lights are LED, you won’t be changing batteries often. Small, motion sensitive “puck lights” work well in closets and dresser drawers as well when you need to get something out without waking anyone else. For smaller areas, like inside a door frame or on a stairwell, narrow strips work better.

3. Keypad Door Locks <$90

For less than the cost of a locksmith visit, you can install a keypad door lock that guarantees access even if you lock your keys inside your house. Just buy one for one of your doors, remember the code and never get locked out! You can get them in about any finish you need and in a deadbolt style for the highest level of security. keypad door locksWant to let a friend have access to your house? Add a custom security code for them, that can be revoked anytime you need to.

4. No Slam, Soft Closing Toilet Seats <$50

A quick way to wake everyone in your house is to drop the toilet seat about 3AM. Well, that won’t happen if you install soft close toilet seats. The hardest thing about installing these is remembering other places you visit may not have them. So escape the embarrassment of dropping the seat in the middle of the night with a no-slam seat.

5. USB Wall Power Receptacles ~$65 for 3pkusb power outlets

Forget looking for the wall wart charging bricks for your phone or tablet. These high speed USB wall charger receptacles have USB plugs built-in! If you have newer devices that use the USB-C outlets, those are available too, just at a slightly higher price. Remember to turn off power at your breaker box prior to installing these USB outlets, but when strategically placed around your house, you no longer need to hunt down a power brick.

6. Outlets with Built In Night Lights <$20

Don’t tie up power outlets with nightlights that stick off the wall, into your hallway. Install these outlet cover plates with built in nightlights. Simply remove your existing cover plate and install the new one. Now you have a nightlight and can still use both outlets.

What other sub-$100 upgrades have improved your house or apartment? Let me know in the comments!

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