3D Optical Illusion Lamps

The hottest selling desktop gadgets this holiday season are likely to be 3D optical illusion lamps. Last year, a Kickstarter launched these lamps that trick your eyes, and they’ve quickly been reproduced by other companies, both local here in the United States and overseas. These lamps use an interesting type of lighting trick to fool your eyes.

Optical illusions can be used to hide images within pictures, conceal objects and misdirect attention. The human brain takes the input it’s receiving from the eyes and tries to “make it” fit something it understands. This happens millions of times each day while you aren’t even realizing it. Even while gazing out your window or across your desk at work, your mind is taking an image, and using different visual cues to determine where objects are in relation to your position and point of perspective.

3d optical illusion lamp

3D Optical Illusion Lamp

In this way, a carefully designed flat pattern can appear to the viewer as if it is an object with length, depth and mass. Optical illusion lamps use etched plastic to create a pattern of light that makes your eyes believe you are looking at a three dimensional object rather than just light emitted from a flat display. When looking at the picture shown to the right, your eyes take the curved pattern design and your brain interprets it as a three dimensional object, when in fact, it’s a transparent, flat, acrylic panel with an etched design. As the light is emitted from the bottom, it’s caught and reflected in the etched pattern, while the rest of the panel glows.

A neat feature of most of these eye teasers is the ability to change the color of the lamp’s light. Since the lamp is illuminated by long life LED technology, manufacturers made many of the the lamps color variable. Pressing a button allows the owner to cycle through colors, flash, or set it to auto-cycle(on some lamps). The base of the lamps may get warm, depending on how the light array is made, but they’re generally “safer” than lava lamps or other desk lamps that could get pretty hot after long periods of use. Although probably obvious, one of the drawbacks to these gadgets is that the lamps put out enough light for decoration, but aren’t bright enough to light a room. Much of the light is reflected to achieve the brain-fooling effects. The other side of that coin, however is that they are inexpensive to operate and some can even run off USB power from your laptop or desktop computer.

Since their introduction the 3D desk lights have dropped in price, they’ve become available in geometric designs, movie character (Star Wars / Mickey Mouse / Star Trek ) and superhero (Batman / Joker) designs and even animal patterns( shark / dolphin / deer / wolf).

3D Optical Illusion Lamps

lamps that play tricks on your mind
3D LampDescriptionPicture
Batman 3D LED Optical Illusion LampSuperhero Batman 3D LampBatman illusion lamp
Joker 3D Optical Illusion LampJoker lampjoker 3d lamp
Darth VaderStar Wars Darth Vader LampDarth Vader illusion lamp
R2D2 LampR2D2 Illusionr2d2 optical illusion lamp
BB-8 LampStar Wars BB8 3D Lampbb8-lampjpg
Padaday Millenium Falcon Desk LightMillenium Falcon (this is the best rated model)millenium-falcon
Caged BirdCaged Bird Illusion Lampbird cage lamp
Eiffel TowerIllusion of the Eiffel Towereiffel tower


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