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Sometimes a simple picture frame or a couple similar picture frames just won’t cut it. They may take up too much room, or seem to clutter the wall. Here’s where a collage picture frame is needed. When you have a group of similarly-themed pictures, such as wedding party, birthday party or family reunion, assembling a collage of pictures is easy to do and there are photo frames designed just for this!Here are some situations a multiple picture frame may just work out better than a collection of matched or (especially) mismatched frames:

  • Wall space – much less space is wasted when using a collage frame rather than multiple photo frames
  • NailsĀ  – typically, fewer nails are needed when hanging a picture collage in a single frame, instead of one nail for each frame – particularly useful for renters!
  • Time – fewer nails means less time to hang the frame, less time trying to arrange the photos, or line them up just right
  • Appearance – a grouped picture frame stands out differently than a group of separate frames

If your scenario meets one of these situations, a collage photo frame will most likely suit you well.collage picture frame example

If you’ve decided on a collage, you’ll next want to find a frame that matches your specific use. This is usually determined by the type of snapshots you want to display. There are picture frames for wedding and anniversary collages, family groups, and even larger acrylic frames that will let you creatively layout a group of smaller pictures however you choose.

There are also several ways to hang a multiple picture frame. Horizontal picture collages require a wider wall space to hang than a vertical group. Depending on the shape and size of the frame, hanging may require one nail, multiple nails, a wire or even a hook. Single nails, a wire or hook are usually pretty easy to hang. Just get the right height, slap the nail a few times and it’s done. When you have a frame that takes two, evenly aligned nails, it can be more complicated. The best way I’ve found to do it is to use one of these Black and Decker Accumark levels with built-in nail spotters. Just lay it over the back of your frame and align the crosshairs over the nail holes in the frame. Put the level on the wall, level it and mark your spots. Very quick and easy.

Collage picture frames come in a variety of materials. The most common are plastic / acrylic, wood and metal. All of these can mar your walls, so you may want to get a small set of rubber feet to gently space it off the wall to prevent vibration or an accidental bump from scratching your wall paint. If it matters to you, the heavier the material, the more or larger hanging methods that will be needed. Your environment may be a determining factor in the collage frame you choose. Metal may rust or corrode in a salt-air environment, but a light colored plastic may discolor if in direct sunlight for a long time.

Another consideration to make is the color of the multi-frame. It’s best to have it coordinate with the photos and yet still match the wall and furniture color in your room. Bright colors may work well for a child’s room, but it’s a safer bet to use a flat black or white if in a formal room.

Here are a few collage picture frames that others have recommended:

Collage Photo Frames

DescriptionMaterialsReview Snippets
Umbra Grid (pictured above)Wood with glass lense"Love this frame for a collage of Instagram prints. Great quality. The natural wood is beautiful. A little tricky to get all the photos positioned correctly but such is the nature of this style of frame"
Adeco Black WoodWood with plexiglass lense"This one has a separate backing for each photo making it much easier to set up and especially modify if you wish to later change a photo"
11x14 Collage Picture FrameWood with glass lense"This is overall a great product. The frames are the right size and don't cut off too much of the photo like I've experienced with some other frames"




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