Every now and then, USB devices you wish to use in your Citrix applications are required to be on a specific port so they can be redirected in Citrix. Wyse Thin OS clients, such as the All in One 5212 are no different. Fortunately, there is an easy way to accomplish the USB / COM port redirection.What’s not broadly documented are the USB -> COM port mappings on the 5212 devices. Here is a picture of the back of the 5212 Wyse client.


Remember, this is from the back of the device. The USB port closest to the VGA port maps as COM1 and the one near the network card is COM2. From the rear, as you come up the edge of the thin client, the bottom USB port is COM3 and the top is COM4. Any port redirections in the Wyse INI files will address the ports this way.

For example, in the picture above, the following line of text in the configuration file will configure the USB port nearest the network card (COM2):

Serial=COM2 Baud=9600 Parity=None Stop=1 Size=8 Flow=None

An extension of this configuration is to present this COM2 port as yet another COM port to Citrix when it connects. The following line takes the COM2 port above and redirects it to COM8 for Citrix connections:

Device=UsbSerial com2=com8

In my experience, un-powered USB hubs work great on the 5212 clients and, as long as devices don’t draw too much power, every peripheral I’ve tried on the hubs work well. Just remember that if you redirect one of the ports, everything on that port gets redirected.