Wyse thin clients by default don’t roam between access points. They will drop connection entirely, closing all RDP and Citrix applications, then connect to the newly detected AP. Here’s how to fix it.The Wyse ThinOS by default won’t roam between your corporate access points, even if your Windows devices do. For reasons I haven’t figured out, client roaming is not enabled by default by Dell/Wyse and must be configured in the device’s ini configuration file. If you know of a reason this shouldn’t be configured as “on by default”, share it with me in the comment section!wyse dell thin client

To turn on client roaming for Wyse ThinOS (WTOS) devices, add the following line to the device’s configuration file:

Device=Wireless RoamSensitive=VALUE

Where VALUE is either low, medium or high. I’ve found that medium is about right for the environments I’ve tested, although high works best when users are moving devices around quickly, on wheeled carts for example. The low setting is near worthless for any amount of movement in my testing as signal is usually lost too quickly for the roam process to take place.

This configuration is documented in the Admin INI documentation, but unless you’re reading the entire document, it’s very easy to miss. It would make much more sense to have it enabled by default, and the configuration to override it, if needed.