I bought a new Samsung EVO 840 250GB SSD and installed it in my PC. To do this, I used their included cloning software. After I cloned the original disk to the SSD, I disconnected the original drive and connected the new cloned SSD in its place. After changing the hard disk access method from IDE to AHCI in Setup, I booted the system into Windows. Every time I logged into the PC, I was greeted with a Windows popup that said: “you must restart your computer to apply these changes” and advised me to save all my documents first. Here’s how I solved it.When I set the drive access to AHCI, I also turned some unused SATA ports to AHCI as well. The “you must restart your computer to apply these changes every time” message stopped appearing after I turned the unused SATA ports back to IDE. I’m not sure why it caused Windows to prompt me everytime, but I am guessing it was due to drivers for the ports. Your mileage may vary, but this worked for me. I’ve also had other people say that disabling the IPv6 in your network adapter properties has worked for them as well.

Let me know if you get the error box popup and if this solves it for you.