Well, here’s something I was unaware of. I found a story about a guy in Florida arrested for drug possession. One of the items mentioned in the story is “street folds” or “street folding”. Never heard of it before, so I went looking for exactly what it is. There isn’t much out there about it.

Street folds or street folding is evidently a method of folding money so that it can be used by touch rather than needing to look at the bills. Drug dealers probably have a need to do this to keep from getting shot or something I suppose. Anway, It looks like a way to wallet your cash without needing to hunt through your bills. Here’s how it works.

Keep your $1 bills flat and unfolded.
Fold your $5 bills in half end to end.
Fold your $10 bills in half lengthwise.
Fold the $20 bill lengthwise, and then in half end to end, like the $5 bills.