Learned something about the P2035n series of HP printers while connecting one to Windows 7 via IP yesterday.

I like HP printers but find the P2035 model to be something of a red-headed step child. It doesn’t always like the HP universal print driver and seems to require it’s own specific driver in Windows 7 64bit. Yesterday, while connecting one over IP to Windows 7, the P2035 printer I was configuring kept printing the test page until I manually cleared the print queue.

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After removing and adding the printer again, I printed a test page. The job stayed in the queue and the test pages kept printing from the printer. I let it run about a dozen pages just to see if it would clear on it’s own, but the job stayed and the pages kept printing.

It appears with the 64 bit driver the printer doesn’t actually tell Windows 7 that it got the job and printed it, so Windows keeps the job in the queue.

SOLUTION: I turned off bidirectional support. To do this, right click the printer, and click printer properties. Click the port tab and uncheck the box labelled “Enabled bidirectional support”.