The Dell Optiplex 780 blinking amber light has been plaguing a good number of systems this week. Here’s what’s going on with them.

The Optiplex 780 small form factor series has been somewhat reliable to this point. We had a batch of 790s early on with bad power supplies, but that seems to be resolved with later deliveries. Now the Optiplex 780 power supplies are dropping like flies. In the past month, the tally is at seven with the same symptom, a blinking amber power light.

When calling Dell, they’re going to want you to troubleshoot the problem by unhooking everything inside and out except for the external power cable. Then theyll have you press the power supply reset button on the back of the power supply and see if the small light lights up green. Ours haven’t and they’ve had to send out power supplies to resolve the problem. We have dozens if not hundreds of these Optiplex 780 units in the field, so I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the year.

Has anyone else started having these Dell Optiplex 780 devices with a blinking amber light? Let me know in the comments.