I’ve written previously about the problems I’ve been encountering recently with new Dell equipment. It has continued in the past week.

Our initial order of Dell Latitude XT3 tablets was twenty-four. So far, we’ve had to have Dell out to repair four of those. That’s a 1 in 6 repair rate. Now from a second batch of a dozen or so, the failure rate is continuing. Three of those have had DOA events. Two had LCD problems, where they either worked sporadically or not at all, and another had a disk drive that immediately failed.

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Now I’m fighting with the Dell Optiplex 790. From an order of eleven, three power supplies have died so far with either blinking amber power lights or no lights at all. An issue similar to this happened years back with the Optiplex 620s, 270’s and 745s.

Is anyone else seeing these problems with their Optiplex or XT3 systems?

[EDIT: 12/28] Fourth just died yesterday. 4 out of 11 failure rate now.