New Dell Latitude owners may notice an unknown device in their device manager. Here’s how to find out what it is and the solution to what mine was.

In Device Manager, right-click the device and click Properties. Under the details tab, choose Hardware ID from the drop box. You’ll see something like ACPI\SMO8800 (that’s what the unknown device was on mine). Google that hardware ID and you’ll find that it’s an accelerometer, a device that detects when your laptop may be falling and instantly stops the hard disk so it isn’t damaged on impact. Dell still uses these sensors on several models of their laptops. If enabled, they can be a big safeguard on lost data from dropped laptops.

For those with the specific ACPI\SMO8800 device, here’s a link to Dell’s driver for
the freefall sensor.

Additionally, you may find this unknown device identifier utility useful.