Make a flying UFO paper airplane

Here’s a flying ufo paper airplane that even a child can learn to make. It takes an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper, about 2 minutes and only a few simple folds. I’ve drawn in a few of the paper edges, so you can see approximate fold sizes. Crease well on all of the folds.

First lay the paper length-wise and fold the right edge over about 1.25″ from the left edge.

first fold of UFO

Next, fold the right edge(which is now a fold) over again, this time until it is just less than an inch from the edge of the last edge you folded

Second Fold

Last fold, take the right edge and fold it again, this time folding it over only about 3/8″ on one end to 1/4″ on the other(doesn’t matter which end, is folded which, just one needs to be slightly larger than the other) See the picture below.

third fold

ends close-up

Unfold the last fold a little bit on each end, and tuck the end with the smaller fold inside the end with th elarger fold, so it laps by about 1.5″.

tuck the ends

tuck completed

Smooth out the folded edge, all the way around the UFO ring. Hold it as shown below and throw like a football, letting it rotate as it leaves your hand. You dont have to throw it hard, and if you throw it into a gentle breeze, it may even hover.

throw the ring

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  1. Zen Bonobo February 26, 2009 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    I put one of these into the grill work of an Escalade on Sanibel.

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