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FYI – This page is still in progress.

My site collects the IP address of visitors and any information you offer while on the site. If you offer information by submitting a comment, it may be published in part or completely.

If you send information via email or the Contact page, I consider it confidential. Information submitted by email or the Contact page will not be released or published without your consent unless I’m under court order.

Paid Reviews:
With all of the media uproar over paid reviews lately, I consider this an appropriate policy.

All reviews posted on this site are unpaid, unless otherwise stated. If a review or post is paid, it will be stated in the first paragraph of the review.

Payment, in this situation, is defined as “premeditated compensation in any tangible form”. For example, if someone asks me to review their website, product or service, then sends me a “thank you” email after I do; I don’t consider that payment.  If any payment is considered in advance of the review by either party, I consider it a paid review and it will be marked as such.

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