remove old Java versions

Sometimes removing Java from a system leaves a bunch of remnants behind. This can lead to errors updating, or re-installing the latest version of Java. Today I found a simple tool that can clean up leftovers from previous Java versions. […]

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hp device error 49.38.07

I’ve been wrestling with an HP M4555 MFP printer/copier/fax for the past week. I got it unpacked on Wednesday or Thursday last week, configured the scanning, email and fax settings and it was working great. Four hours later, it died. UPDATE: I’ve figured out the reason I’m getting the error and how to prevent it. [...]

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winchester home loans

A couple of years back, I was able to re-finance my home mortgage working through some of the staff at Integrity Home Mortgage in Winchester, Virginia. I have a friend that works there now as a home mortgage consultant. After working with Marlin Beitzel in several different aspects over the past six years, I can [...]

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hp p3005

I wrote a while back about the HP P3005 printers and a bad run of formatter boards that they had. Now, I’ve come across a way to fix quite a few of them. Evidently, some of the printers had a bad cold solder joint on the board. […]

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