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EarlyBird Attack on New Websites

Google is like a giant vacuum, sucking in and indexing content as it finds it on the web. When it finds fresh content it hasn't  seen before, it indexes the page it's on and all the content it finds there. It also records the page/site that it found the content on. If it comes across [...]

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3D Optical Illusion Lamps

The hottest selling desktop gadgets this holiday season are likely to be 3D optical illusion lamps. Last year, a Kickstarter launched these lamps that trick your eyes, and they’ve quickly been reproduced by other companies, both local here in the United States and overseas. These lamps use an interesting type of lighting trick to fool [...]

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Funny Beard Shirts

Ever wanted a way to gauge the length of your manly beard? I just found a funny beard shirt that will do just that.  Forget getting out the ruler to determine the length of your beard. No calipers or measuring tape needed. Just put this shirt on and the length of your beard will be [...]

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Tactical Keychains

Tired of the “normal” keychain or keyfob that does little more than decorate your pocket full of keys? Take a look at some of the tactical keychains that offer more utility than just keeping your keys organized. Why not add a little more function to something you have in your pocket already? Tactical and self-defense [...]

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What’s the Best Grip Strengthener to Use

A weak hand grip can do several things that affect your life. It may give an impression of weakness in a handshake, it could cause you to drop that extra bag of groceries or slip while climbing a mountainside. The simplest answer to a weak grip is to find the best grip strengthener for your [...]

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Outdoor Christmas Laser Lights

One of the biggest decorative trends this year will be outdoor Christmas laser lights. It used to be that long strands of incandescent bulbs were strung on houses, only to have one bulb burn out and then found and replaced, or the whole string had to be removed and replaced. Then LED strands came along [...]

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How to Spot Fake Reviews

[READ IMPORTANT UPDATE AT END] Have you ever bought a product off Amazon (or another online retailer) only to find it didn’t match up at all with the reviews you read before you bought it? Here’s one reason you may have a different experience than you were lead to believe. […]

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