Fidget Sticks

First there were fidget spinners, now the latest fidgeting toy to hit the market is the fidget stick. Sounds like a simple stick, right? Well, it is, but it’s not. The fidget stick is a practice in manual dexterity and coordination.

How does a fidget stick work?

Fidget sticks are slightly rounded sticks about 4″ long and inch in diameter. See the picture at the right, they’re pretty much a plastic or wooden stick that’s been slightly “squashed”. The ends are usually weighted (by either a thicker or added material) and usually have non-slip pads on them. What this allows is for the stick to be smoothly flipped, end-to-end on a desk or table. While this is not as quiet as a fidget spinner, it does take more coordination to stop the stick as it turns up after it flips.

There is little to no maintenance or repair that they require, unlike fidget spinners, whose bearings sometimes rust, get stuck or broken. Also unlike spinners, there is little variation to the design of fidget sticks. The mechanics require them to be pretty much the same for them to be flipped across a table and for them to be stopped correctly. The main variations of fidget sticks is the material they’re made of. Since there are no moving parts, they’re pretty durable and will have a long life of use.

DoFlyWooden (Beech)
HitationPlastic/POM (unpainted)
ROYEWWooden (Beech)
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