Gameboy Refrigerator Magnets

I got my first Gameboy the year they came out and remember mashing buttons through SuperMarioLand and Tetris. The iconic design of the Gameboy’s face is easily recognizable by anyone over the age of five when they were released and that’s where FreezerBoy comes in!

Freezerboy Gameboy refrigerator magnets turn the face of your refrigerator into a huge replica of the face of Gameboy! The magnets come in a set that allows you to arrange them as you wish so they’re sure to fit on your fridge. If your refrigerator is too small, or you want to go for a different look, try placing them on your washer, dryer or dishwasher!

The Gameboy refrigerator magnets ship in a sleeve and the package is only about 18″ by 14″. The primary screen magnet doubles as a whiteboard so you can take notes and read them easier than on the original game console display. Just like the original gaming system, the buttons and screen are the correct color match to let you relive the 80’s fun! The cost is typically less than that of an original Gameboy game cartridge.


The screen magnet is 16″ by 12″ and you can center it on the freezer portion of your upright refrigerator. The A, B Start and Select button magnets go on the front of your refrigerator door.

freezerboy gameboy refrigerator magnet set
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