How To Convert a Bike to an Electric Bike

Although you can buy an entire electric bike for under $1000, some like to convert their existing pedal bike to electric assistance. It can be done for a few hundred dollars and a couple hours of work. Here’s how to convert your pedal bike to an electric bike. I have a list of parts you’ll need as well as the tools required for the job. It’s much simpler than you would think and if you can turn a wrench and connect a power cable, you can be riding with an electric assist in no time!

To convert your regular bike to an electric bike, you need to know a little about your bike so you can get the parts that match. First, check your manual or the side of your tire to find out the size of your tire. You’ll need to buy the right sized electric bike conversion kit to match your existing tire size. Once you have your tire size, you’ll need to select the electric bike conversion kit that meets your needs.

electric bike hub motor

electric bike conversion wheel with motor shown in hub

The first decision you need to make is whether you want a front wheel system or a front wheel system. Both have their advantages, but I’d recommend sticking with a rear wheel drive system, as it’s possible, though unlikely the front wheel system could work itself loose (with torque) and leave your front fork without a wheel – a bad situation to be in.

Electric bike conversion kits can be as complete or sparse as you desire. Here are just a few of the components that can be included in a kit:

  • Hub motor (the best electric bike motors are brushless)
  • Front or rear wheel – when included in the kit, you may get only the wheel, or the wheel and tire, be sure to check
  • Cruise Control – just what it says, some electric bike conversion kits come with cruise
  • Battery connection cables – typically included in kits, these make it easier to mate up to the battery
  • Speed Throttle
  • Brake pullers (braking levers)
  • Brake disc
  • Wiring and cable ties
  • Battery Charger (be sure to match charger to type of battery you’re charging, lead acid or li-on)
  • Rack to hold the battery and controllers
  • PAS (pedal assistance system)


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