Funny Beard Shirts

Ever wanted a way to gauge the length of your manly beard?beard measurement on a shirt I just found a funny beard shirt that will do just that.  Forget getting out the ruler to determine the length of your beard. No calipers or measuring tape needed. Just put this shirt on and the length of your beard will be proudly displayed for everyone to see. As I’m more of a stubble and goatee guy and rarely wear t-shirts, I don’t even rate on the scale, however long beard styles will definitely measure up. I might start reading guides on how to grow a thicker beard.

The scale goes from “MANLY” to “DUDELY” all the way to “WIZARDLY”.

The beard shirts come in green, black and brown, all with white text. It will take some serious hair to even rank as “MANLY” but with No-Shave November coming up, you might just have a chance.

At less than $20, it’s a pretty good deal on a humorous shirt that makes a great gift too.

Put the other long beard competitors to shame and show off your facial hair!

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