Outdoor Christmas Laser Lights

One of the biggest decorative trends this year will be outdoor Christmas laser lights. It used to be that long strands of incandescent bulbs were strung on houses, only to have one bulb burn out and then found and replaced, or the whole string had to be removed and replaced. Then LED strands came along that not only allowed for the rest of the strand to stay lit when just one bulb was out, but they also reduced the likelihood a bulb would die.This year LED bulbs have given way to an even easier way to illuminate the outside of your house or outbuilding. Laser projector lights, some sold under the “Star Shower” brand, are the new thing to use. Instead of buying box upon box of Christmas lights, a single $50-$60 laser light projector can decorate the complete side of a building in a few minutes.outdoor christmas laser lights

Outdoor Christmas laser lights work by using a small laser to throw a pattern onto your house or tree. Many have multiple patterns, some still, some animated, that can be selected by pressing a button on the illuminator. These lights are powered by standard 110V power and usually include a long cord. Since they aren’t a high current draw, you can use an extension cord safely with them.

Laser Light Safety Concerns:

  • They are lasers – don’t look directly into them
  • They are lasers – be careful if you live near an airport. There have been scenarios where pilots have been temporarily blinded by nearby houses improperly installing the laser lights.
  • Some models do get hot. Running a laser for hours on end can build up heat. Make sure they aren’t covered by anything flammable or combustible.

How to properly install your outdoor Christmas laser lights

  • Carefully run your power cables. Don’t pinch them in doors or tight spaces where cord insulation may be cut or broken.
  • Remind guests and especially young children not to look directly into the light projectors
  • Be careful of the direction the laser lights are aimed. Avoid aiming into the open sky or into someone else’s house or property. Lasers will go hundreds of yards and can still be blinding.
  • Check them frequently. If the laser emitters are bumped, they could be pointed in the wrong direction

Where to Install Outdoor Laser Decorations

  • Although many aim them at houses, you’ll get a great view of your trees by planting them next to a tree and aiming it into the branches (unless you’re near an airport or flight route)
  • Elevate the projector and aim it into your yard for a ground effect. This works even better on snow.


Starry Christmas Laser Lights

various outdoor Christmas laser light displays
ItemDescriptionReview Snippet
Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Laser Christmas Light Projector with IR Wireless RemoteAdjustable display can be set to flashing, twinkling or stationary laser light display. Set a timing mode using the remote control and the light will turn on the same time every day or night and turn off again either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hours later. Includes an automatic dusk-til-dawn laser light display" I use it to light up the trees around my patio. It's like sitting under a million little stars. I called 1byone and spoke with Momica, a customer representative about a stand so the light could sit on my patio instead of in the ground. She was kind and extremely helpful in solving my problem. I would buy this product again."
Laser Light, Waterproof Red & Green Laser Light Landscape Spotlights for Christmas Decoration and Outdoor Garden/Yard/Wall Decoration Family Gathering PartyThis Blinking laser christmas lights with certificates of FDA, FCC, ROHS and IP65 Test Report, It’s safe and environment-friendly. Indoor and outdoor are available, this christmas lights is ideal for garden/tree/ outdoor wall decoration and christmas,family gathering party, karaoke, dance hall, nightclub, disco, bar, KTV, shopping mall, show, pub, wedding, store and other appointed place etc"With THESE lights you get a beautiful green and red twinkling. The palm tree fronds and pine tree limbs -- my magnolia tree, the house and garage are all lit up so pretty. Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year! "
Laser Christmas Light, Decolighting Star Laser Light Show Landscape Lighting Outdoor WaterproofLarge Lighting Area: Blinking stars covers 600 square feet max and projects up to 100 yards away, 60-inch cord for better mounting option."You could see the lights and twinkling trees all the way across the campground. The only thing that was missing was the ability to slow down or stop the flashing. It does twinkle/flash pretty quick"

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