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Dell Latitude XT3

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I’ve been configuring and installing a couple dozen of the new Dell Latitude XT3 systems lately. For compatibility reasons, I’ve been using WindowsXP (yeah, I know). Anyway, they are the replacement model for the XT2 line that I’ve fought worked with for the past year or so. The XT2 had problems with the n-trig digitizer that insisted it needed to jump to the top left corner of the screen. Only way to fix it was to get Dell to replace it. I think I had to get half a dozen replaced. Other than that and the terrible battery life(even with they hokey extended battery, they worked ok.

The XT3 is now plaguing my existence being deployed and it seems to work pretty well so far. The battery life is much better and the extended batteries are much more convenient.

There are only two things I don’t care for on the model.
The first is the awful latch on the display. Closing the lid and getting it to latch is like herding cats while riding a penguin. It will close, but the latch, doesn’t, 9 out of ten times.

Second is the weight of the device. They’re really heavy for a tablet device and barely lighter than the Latitude E6520 laptop.

One of 24 was DOA with a bad backlight, but it’s still an improvement over the XT2 batch we received. I guess we’ll see how they hold up in the longer run. I’ve heard Dell has halted future shipments due to parts-sourcing delays. Hopefully it’s not related to faulty hardware.

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