multiple monitor screensavers

For website design, I regularly use dual monitors and like the ability to have code open on one screen and the resulting web page open in the other. If you haven’t tried out multiple monitors, I suggest connecting a second display to your computer and reaping the benefits of saved time and lessened application confusion.

After connecting the second screen, you may wonder why Windows doesn’t make a better effort at impressing you with screensavers designed for multiple monitors. I did too.


You will just see the same windows flowerbox or scrolling text moving around the screens. After a good deal of searching, I found really nice dual monitor screensavers over at ReallySlick. In addition to being extremely well done, they are also free.

Among my favorites are Hyperspace and Lattice, pictured at the right.


These screensavers are not for those that may easily get motion sickness. The perceived motion with multiple monitors is quite intense, even more so with Lattice.

What multiple monitor screensavers do you use? Let me know in the comments.

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