I recently built a new PC and use the 64 bit version of Windows 7. I had no trouble finding drivers for my printer, and various other hardware, but my Epson Perfection 610 wasn’t recognized and Epson’s website didn’t list it as Windows 7 compatible, even in the 32 bit flavor. Fortunately, there’s an undocumented way to get it to work.

After scouring Epson’s website and not locating a driver, I found a program calles Vuescan that did work with the scanner, even in Windows 7. Unfortunately, it costs around $40, which would pay for half a new, cheap scanner. I kept searching and found out that the Epson Stylus CX3200 All-in-one driver will run the scanner without problems! Here’s the how to:

  1. Download the Stylus CX3200 driver here and expand the files out to your hard drive.
  2. Plug your scanner in and let windows 7 complain that it can’t install it correctly.
  3. Open your Device Manager and right click the unknown device it has detected.
  4. Click Update Driver and browse to the location you placed the driver files.
  5. Choose the CX3200 driver and tell Windows you want to install it anyway, even though it isn’t known to work with your hardware.

Any TWAIN compliant scanning software should work fine now with your Epson Perfection 610!

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  1. mission June 5, 2015 at 5:42 am · ·

    Good job~ Thanks~

  2. Wow – got it working.
    The Epson site doesnt present a download for Windows 7 64 Bit (anymore?)- it says it comes already installed on Windows 7.
    So I used the Vista 64bit driver instead – because that was downloadable.
    Needed to follow Doug’s advice also – thanx!
    I wonder if I can keep this scanner going until 2020.

  3. Thank you for this useful post!
    Anyway using the CX3200 driver, I can only use the preview functionality, while I get error when performing the real scan..

  4. If your still having issues this worked for me.

    “Open device manager, right-click on ‘Perfection 610? to enter driver update, and click “Browse my computer for driver software”, and click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.”

    NO click ‘Have disk’ go to the folder you downloaded the CX3200 drivers. You’ll be able to see the ini files. it should select it then ask which one. You choose cx3200 and it should work!

    Not sure why it was having such a hard time finding it in the fist place. But this is how I finally got it to work for me.

  5. Thanks a lot! :)

  6. How you figured this out I do not know, but I’m glad you did. Many, many thanks! =o)


  7. I scratched my head a couple of times but stuck to it. Works GREAT!! If you’re having problems, keep at it, well worth the effort. Good scanner, sure didn’t want to chuck it. Thank you kindly.

  8. Thanks!!!!!! Worked for me! Can you find a driver for my MP3 player too? 😉

  9. in Ghana we say medase meaning thanks to you very much. is work perfectly well.

  10. thanks it work perfectly well.

  11. John C,Windows 7 is different to xp.Double click on the device to select it and you are then given the option”change settings”.You can now select your driver.Thanks for a great solution,I can still use my trusty 610 on Windows 7 64 bit!

  12. Thank you,it now works with Windows 7 64 bit. John C,it’s a bitt different to XP,you double click to select the device,you will be given the option”change settings”.You can then change the driver.

  13. Brilliant solution! Thanks to you I can still use my Epson Perfection 610 on Winmdows 7 64 bit! John C,I had the same as you.Double click on the device and then it will give you the option “change settings”.You can then

  14. I cannot thank you enough! This worked perfectly!

  15. Very helpful! Thanks a lot, also to kein.plan !!! The german additions were just the missing bits of information to get my good old 610 running.


  16. scannerdude June 13, 2011 at 7:49 pm · ·

    This fixed my problem with Perfection 610 on Windows 7. Though I did have to plug in my scanner power cord into a different outlet, turns out it wasn’t getting enough power when plugged into my UPC (which by the way is very old and doesn’t provided backup any more, just straight power).

  17. John C: I had the same problem and figured out that it was my USB extension cable causing the problem. With the extension cable, my scanner shows up in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers section as ‘Unknown device’. Without the extension cable, it shows up in the Other Devices section as ‘Perfection610′ and the installation instructions work.

  18. THX LOT!!!

  19. kein.plan April 18, 2011 at 10:39 am · ·

    Thanks a lot!

    For the Germany people:

    1. Anschließen und warten bis Windows Meldung “kein Treiber gefunden” kommt

    2. Im Geräte Manager auf Perfection 610 (Unknown Device) > Rechtsklick > Treiber installieren/Aktualisieren

    3. Wähle “Auf meinen Computer”

    4. Wähle “Nach Liste” (steht unten) dann auf “Alle Anzeigen”

    5. Epson wählen und Epson CX3200/CX3100 auswählen und installieren Meldung mit “Ja” beantworten

    6. Benutzerdefiniert kann man jetzt scannen z.b. mit Adobe Acrobat X (bei mir kommt das Scann Fenster immer im Hintergrund muss man bei Windows unten in der Ecke auf “Desktop Anzeigen” gehen.)

    thanks very much…………………………………

  21. Just found this info. Heroic star awarded. My old Epson 610 now works in Windows 7 64 bit. YaaBoo to Epson for not being PROUD of its sturdy and reliable old flat-bed work horse.

  22. Hi it works Win7 64 bit Home Premium
    Great solution

  23. It works perfectly on Win7 64bit prof

    Greetings from Germany

  24. It worked! I thought the scans wouldn’t come up well but the scans of my photos, docs, magazines look really sharp with this driver. The included Epson Scan software that came with driver works well too.

  25. thanx, that saved my day

  26. Brilliant! Thanks a bunch, you’ve saved my scanner!

  27. thanks very much

  28. thanks very much, this is indeed a great help

  29. rudivanb July 17, 2010 at 2:20 am · ·

    Thank you very much, finally I can leave Windows XP behind if I need to make a scan

  30. Matthieu May 24, 2010 at 3:20 am · ·

    Thanks! It works fine under windows 7 64bits. I am delighted as I won’t need to buy a new scanner.

    @deez. You have to choose manually the driver and force its use. If you let Windows decide, it won’t install.

  31. I got this to work on Vista 64-bit. I tested with the WIA option in PSD. It did not work with the Twain option for some reason.

  32. I tried the Toms Hardware trick and W7-64 bit knows it’s not a CX3200 and won’t install the driver.

  33. It works! Thank you very much!

  34. Someone has posted a much simpler solution that has worked for me;

    It is here;

    and reads;

    Open device manager, right-click on ‘Perfection 610′ to enter driver update, and click “Browse my computer for driver software”, and click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”, and simply choose the driver(epsion stylus cx3200 series). I think it may work on Vista also.

    No downloads, the driver is already there!

  35. Richard March 8, 2010 at 2:09 am · ·

    Hi John, I also did the same thing and got the same result. Also tried installing with the setup file but had no luck there either.

  36. I also tried the above fix, but couldn’t get it to work.
    I went through items 1 – 4, and I navigate to c:\epson\epson12258….
    but I wasn’t given the option of selecting the CX3200 driver.
    Am I doing something wrong or have I missed something ???
    Hope you can help..

    John C

  37. Tried the above fix on my Windows 7 Home Premium O/S and it works OK.
    Its a bit fiddley to do but after a 22Mbit download from Epson & some perseverance I
    finally managed to get my Perfection 610 to scan once more. Many thanks to the contributor.

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